Make with masking tape!

Making and Engineering challenges to Build imagination, teamwork, and making skills with Tape.


Masking tape challenges

  • What is the largest sticky surface that you can make with tape?

  • Create the largest non-sticky surface that you can make.

  • Can you build a bridge of tape that spans a 3 foot gap? with only 1 in pieces. How far could you go?

  • Can you think of a way to use tape to create a case to hold small objects?

  • Design and build a trap for insects and see how many you catch.

  • Use tape to convey a message. Create a presentation that features the message being important to a character and why the character thought the message was made out of tape.

  • Create the tallest structure that you can using masking tape and one other type of material.

  • Use tape to create an arch using another type of material you have.

  • Make a presentation about why tape is a necessary tool.

  • Can you suspend a small ball from the edge of a table so that it stays for more than 5 minutes?

  • With tape and newspapers, create an outfit for yourself, a friend, a pet, or a tree.

Take a picture of your project and send it to us through the comments, or Contact tab and we will post it.

Thank you for Making with me!

masking tape