Making with Craft Sticks

engineering challenges with Craft sticks that build imagination, team work and making skills!


Using Popsicle (craft) stickscraft sticksMaking with Sticks:

  • Make the tallest structure that you can with a base that fits entirely on a notebook piece of paper.

  • Can you weave or cross-stitch the Craft sticks together to make a sturdy structure?

  • How many different ways can you attach the Craft sticks together?

  • Make the longest bridge that you can using Craft sticks.

  • Can you create a game based on the Craft sticks? How would you make game pieces, tokens, etc.?

  • Tell a story using Craft sticks to depict a scene.

  • Create a device to launch Craft sticks. How far can you launch them?

  • Create a puppet show that uses only Craft stick puppets.

  • Now try creating a presentation with Craft sticks shadow puppets. What would you use?

  • How might you communicate a message without talking, using only the Craft sticks? Try it with a friend.

  • Using craft sticks and one 3 foot piece of string, create a draw bridge that works.

  • Make a mask from craft sticks and markers.

  • Using craft sticks and paper, make a vehicle that will travel 6 feet without you touching it once it starts traveling.

Take a picture of your project and send it to us through the comments,or Contact tab and we will post it.

Thank you for Making with me!

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