Make with masking tape!

Making and Engineering challenges to Build imagination, teamwork, and making skills with Tape.


Masking tape challenges

  • What is the largest sticky surface that you can make with tape?

  • Create the largest non-sticky surface that you can make.

  • Can you build a bridge of tape that spans a 3 foot gap? with only 1 in pieces. How far could you go?

  • Can you think of a way to use tape to create a case to hold small objects?

  • Design and build a trap for insects and see how many you catch.

  • Use tape to convey a message. Create a presentation that features the message being important to a character and why the character thought the message was made out of tape.

  • Create the tallest structure that you can using masking tape and one other type of material.

  • Use tape to create an arch using another type of material you have.

  • Make a presentation about why tape is a necessary tool.

  • Can you suspend a small ball from the edge of a table so that it stays for more than 5 minutes?

  • With tape and newspapers, create an outfit for yourself, a friend, a pet, or a tree.

Take a picture of your project and send it to us through the comments, or Contact tab and we will post it.

Thank you for Making with me!

masking tape

Making Makers

Cool stuff from Obtanium! Cup play house, UFO not included.

How is it some people make stuff and some do not? I have spent the last 5 years encouraging kids to make way cool stuff out of “obtanium” (commonly recycled materials)! I started to look at the why and the how of what I was doing that encouraged kids and supported them in making things. Growing up, if there was something I wanted, my parents would say, “How could you make something like that with what you find around to make it with.” I took the challenge.

Then later on, I realized that kids needed to understand everyday materials like a carpenter or a artisan knows their medium in order to create something. With this blog, I am listing activities that help kids get to know these items in order to build awesome stuff with them! Print them out, cut them up. Use them in random or in ordered ways!

Functional “Fixedness.”

If you only see a cup as a thing to contain something else. That is all it will be!

Your challenge: Cups can become anything one can imagine. Create something using cups that others will say “wow” when they see it. Then send a pic of your creation to share with others. 



Fun kids make recyclable cup play house
Plastic Cup play house for an eraser. UFO sold separately!