What would be good for long term real world projects?


Essence of the Projects Focus 

  1. Clean water
  2. Environment
  3. Clean energy
  4. Approaching zero-waste lifestyle
  5. Alternative construction resources


  • Clean water


List 5 Ingredients/Subtopics

Vacuum distillation

  • How could I purify water?
  • How can I desalinate water?
  • How can I make water that I can drink?

Bacterial purification

  • Could I use bacteria to clean water?
  • Could bacteria remove contaminants from water?
  • Could bacteria remove plastic from the water supply?

Physical filtration

  • Can plants filter water?
  • Can filters be made out of more recyclable materials.
  • Could recyclable materials be used to make more productive filters.

Harvesting water from plants

  • Can plants be used to harvest water?
  • Is there a species of plant that is easier to collect water from?
  • Is there an easy way to put plants in the production system of clean water.

Harvesting water from the environment

  • Can natural features be used to collect water without processing.
  • Is there a way to gather clean water from air.
  • What is the natural filtration system for water in nature and how can we mimic it.



  • Environment


List 5 Ingredients/Subtopics

Yes yes ecology

  • Can we make animal shelters from recyclables.
  • Could I help endangered animals by using recyclables.
  • How can I improve my local environment


  • Can I make seed bombs that will increase biodiversity.
  • Can waste help.
  • How can I make an impact

Rebuilding and planting after disaster

  • How can I help.
  • How can I have an impact.
  • How can I use recyclable materials to help

Urban climate engineering

  • How can nanoparticles help
  • Can I use reclaimed materials to change local temperature
  • Could planting on roofs and walls change the heat Island.


  • Could we use architecture help cool the planet
  • Can I use the ground the cool things
  • Can I use the environment to cool things


  • Clean energy


List 5 Ingredients/Subtopics

Heat engines

  • Could I use the heat from the environment to make electricity.
  • Could I use the heat from the sun to make electricity
  • Could I use the heat  to make electricity

Hydrogen fuel cells

  • Where can I get hydrogen?
  • Why is it a zero carbon emission
  • Could I use it to make a battery

Bio-fuel cells

  • What can I make diesel fuel from
  • Can I make electricity from biowaste
  • Can I make a gas from bio waste


  • Can I use Heat in order cool something else off
  • Can sound used to cool things
  • Can I use rubber bands?

 Wind water and solar

  • Can I use wind or solar to make a personal power source
  • Could I make clothes that use solar or wind or mechanical energy to power my cell phone
  • Could I make my bike charge all of my electronics?




  • Approaching a zero-waste lifestyle


List 5 Ingredients/Subtopics

hygiene products

  • What are safety razor and are they for girls
  • Make biodegradable soap
  • Can I make Toothpaste

Upcycling turning recycled materials into something useful

  • Plastic container into gardens
  • Tires into raised bed.
  • Turn into clothing?

Learn maintenance and repair

  • Auto repair
  • House repair
  • Clothes repair

Biodegradable cleaning products

  • Can I making soap?
  • Could laundry detergent be better for the environment?
  • Vinegar does it clean?

Composting and recycling

  • How can I compost in a small space
  • Can I recycle my own stuff
  • How can I leave a smaller footprint


  • Alternative construction resources


List 5 Ingredients/Subtopics


  • Could I make scoby matter be made into bricks
  • Could I use bacteria and sugar to make sand into stone blocks
  • Could bottles be made from bacteria


  • Can I make cardboard into furniture
  • Could a boat be made from cardboard
  • Could I make a structure I could last a hundred years out of cardboard

Recycled plastic

  • Could I make roofing or building material out of recycled Plastics
  • Could I make a tool from recycled Plastics
  • would covering the roads with light colored plastic cool the city’s heat island

Greener building

  • What are Earthships
  • Was the little pig on to something when he built his house from hay
  • What did the hohokam use to build with? can we do better?


  • I found this, Could it help?
  • I have this thing! Can I turn it into that?