Making with newspaper!

Making and Engineering challenges to Build imagination, teamwork, and making skills with Newspaper.


Using Newsprint

  • Make the longest tube that you can with newspaper.

  • Build the tallest structure possible using newspaper and tape.

  • Create a dome that someone can sit in.

  • Make the longest continuous strip possible from one sheet of newsprint.

  • Make a costume using newspaper and tape. Show how to make costume become 3D. Strive for a Wow! from those who see it.

  • Create three origami animals using large sheets of newsprint. Create a presentation about your origami animals.

  • Create a presentation based on newspaper headlines.

  • Create a presentation that uses a picture in the newspaper taken out of context.

  • Make a device to launch and catch crumpled newsprint balls.

  • Make the tallest tower possible that holds as much weight as possible.

  • How would you use newsprint to create a vehicle that travels?

  • Using only 4 sheets of newspaper, create a bridge from one chair to another.

Take a picture of your project and send it to us through the comments, or Contact tab and we will post it.

Thank you for Making with me!

Newsprint, News paper, paper construction
What would you build?